About Us

The Linda Jobe Middle School band is in its 5th year, and has already had great successes and awards.  The bands at Jobe Middle School have a perfect UIL Sweepstakes rating, and have been successful at numerous contests and competitions.  

At Jobe, there are three performing ensembles.  The Honor Band is the highest performing ensemble.  This band performs at special events held on campus, as well as at UIL, Sandy Lake.  The Symphonic Band is the second performing ensemble, and also performs at UIL and Sandy Lake.  The Concert Band is the last performing ensemble at Jobe Middle School, and serves as an ensemble where students learn to better the skills on their instrument.  

Throughout the year students are provided numerous opportunities to learn about music, whether that be in class, during a concert or at a contest.  We believe that music is integral to the overall education of any student, and we are glad to provide our students at Jobe with such a well-rounded education.